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Pathway Steering Committee

River Day 2024 Roamer Drawing Activities

Visit or participate in these activities and get punches on your drawing card.

The more punches the more chances you have in the big drawing.

( *requires a watercraft and some paddling experience; to try some basic paddling 
   near McCormick Park see Troop 63 and ask about borrowing a canoe.
  **only recommended for skilled paddlers)

  • Paddle in the Grand Launch - 12:30pm near the McCormick Park Launch

  • Visit Farmer's Market & the Pollination Station, "make a snail" craft (open until 2pm)

  • Paddle or walk to the foot bridge spanning the Red Cedar

  • Visit the Coast Guard Auxiliary booth for a safety presentation/info

  • Walk over to the Old Mill overlook and see a restored antique turbine

  • Paddle* upstream from McCormick Park thru the wetlands area to a designated turn-about

  • Visit (or paddle downstream* to) Harris Nature Center for a presentation on river ecology

  • Visit Celebration Day vendor's alley

  • Paddle downstream* and use the portage to cross the mill pond or shoot the rapids**

  • ?Visit the U.S. Fish and Wildlife display?

  • Visit Nature Discovery "turtles on the loose" interactive station

  • ?MGROW booth?

  • ?LOPC booth or activity?

  • ?Depot Museum display?

  • ?River log "cut a biscuit and brand a logo" activity?

  • ?Garden Club?

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