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Pathway Steering Committee

Red Cedar Roadside Park


The Red Cedar Roadside Park is a highway rest area situated on Grand River Avenue (M-43), east of Meridian Road and just east of the bridge. This location does not contain a launch structure, but is a popular take-out for river trips beginning in Williamston and a put-in for river trips into and through Meridian Township. Note that the river access is directly from the riverbank. Note also that the river is approximately 500 feet from the parking lot across a mowed lawn. The rest area contains seasonal restrooms and a number of picnic tables. The location also contains a state historical marker commemorating the Old Grand River Indian Trail. Downstream from the Red Cedar Roadside Park the water trail enters Meridian Township and the Meridian’s extensive network of parks collectively known as the Meridian Riverfront Park, but containing the distinct geographic sections. The first of these parks is Eastside Park, followed by Harris Nature Center, containing a launch, and finally Legg Park.

15 miles

Distance to Grand River

1.7 miles

Distance to next waypoint

167.2 miles

Distance to Lake Michigan

42°42'35.5"N 84°21'50.5"W

Red Cedar Roadside Park to
Harris Nature Center: Paddle time: 1 hour

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