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Pathway Steering Committee

Kruger's Landing


The Kruger Landing launch was updated in 2023 and now includes an EZ Dock for kayakers to enter and exit the river. Beyond Kruger Landing the water trail passes beneath Aurelius Road and alongside the Potter Park Zoo. Keep an eye out for wild animals, not commonly found in mid-Michigan! Below Potter Park the water trail takes on the feel of an urban environment. The water trail does continue to share a route with the Lansing River Trail on the neighboring riverbank, which provides both a river side buffer and a great recreational asset for cyclists, joggers, and Lansing residents looking for an opportunity for a pleasant walk. Upon reaching the confluence with the Grand River, the water trail passes by River Point Park on river left, with a fishing platform at the point of the confluence. Here the river widens with the combined river flow of the two rivers. At the confluence of the Red Cedar River with the Grand River, paddlers are actually traversing two water trails as the Red Cedar River Water Trail merges with the Middle Grand River Heritage Water Trail. Information on the Middle Grand River Heritage Water Trail, can be found on the Middle Grand River Organization of Watersheds website.

Around the next curve after passing beneath the I-496 highway, on river left is Sweeney’s Landing.

1.8 miles

Distance to
Grand River

2.0 miles

Distance to next waypoint

154 miles

Distance to Lake Michigan

42°42'59.3"N 84°31'20.5"W

Kruger Landing to confluence with the Grand River 1.8 miles. Paddle time 1- 1.5 hours.

Kruger Landing to Sweeney’s Landing:
2.3 miles: Paddle Time 1- 1.6 hours

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